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Head of Secondary Message

I would like to extend a warm welcome to our parents, pupils, staff and any other interested person in the Oxford Academy. I believe that our school vision encapsulates our entire community succinctly.

Excellence from all – Excellence for all

Our secondary team of staff work hard and aim to rise to the challenge of delivering excellence on all levels for our pupils, parents and the wider community. The pupils in the secondary school are travelling on an exciting path. Our Year 7 pupils have just made that huge leap from Primary to Secondary; where they will be expected to become far more independent both and in and out of the classroom. Whilst our Year 8 and 9 pupils have settled into the mode of secondary life and are preparing for the transition key stage 4 (Year 10 & 11). Our Year 10 and 11 pupils are now studying towards their IGCSE’s with the hope of achieving outstanding results that will stay with them for life.

Our staff body will be focusing on a number of areas including closer monitoring and intervention of pupil data so as to ensure we are able to support and intervene where pupils are not progressing at the expected rate. Also this will allow us to contact you and have your support from home. Furthermore, we are going to also ensure that the departments are working more closely thus ensuring that the skills pupils learn in Mathematics for instance, can be applied in another subject and thus are not solely for Maths. This will enable to pupils to put to practise their learning and in essence, bring it to 'life'.

Lastly, our aim is to ensure that pupils are being prepared for life in the 21st century. Today, young people are exposed to more information than any pupils will have historically and thus it is imperative that we as parents and custodians we do our utmost to ensure they get the best from the internet whilst helping them to learn about safety on the internet and social media sites. In school we will be helping pupils get the most from technology whilst also educating about safety and good use of the internet. Whilst at the same time, we are also working to develop the important life skills that are demanded of young people today.

I firmly believe that the only way that we can be truly achieve excellence for all pupils through school and parent collaboration. I hope that you too are excited and the team and I are for the year ahead.

If you are not with us then come and join us, and if you are with us, I hope you are ready for the wonderful ride that lies ahead for us all this year.

Thank you for taking time visit our website, I hope that I have the opportunity to meet with you very soon.

- Head of Secondary