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"Ready for life – realising potential, learning respect and taking responsibility"

Welcome to the website of The Oxford Academy in Kuwait, we are proud to be an accredited Cambridge IGCSE International Academy, following the British National Curriculum from KG to Year 11.

We hold the principle that it is our role to lead by example and impart the necessary skills and attributes that will enable our students to achieve their chosen career path.

In todays highly competitive and international Job market it is essential that students have developed a wide range of social and academic skills to succeed. These skills cover traditional values such as honesty, trust and respect as well as work-place skills such as organisational, entrepreneurial and team-based competencies. At Oxford Academy we target to develop these areas in all our students.

Realising potential is providing the environment and good teaching practices that ensures that every child has the opportunity to achieve or exceed their personal and Academy based target grades in all aspects of the curriculum they follow. Oxford is proud that year-on-year, our students continue to make more progress in the core subjects than many other local schools.

Learning respect is key to success as well as recognising that everyone has a vital role to play in all successful organisations. The behavioural programme highlights and promotes to our students the value of understanding and respecting each other, which helps contribute greatly to a calm and organised learning environment where everybody’s contribution is valued.

Taking responsibility is where students take ownership for their actions and accountability for the outcomes. Oxford Students are taught in an environment that promotes and encourages them to become effective and happy members of the community. This is incorporated not only in every day lessons but also the wider Academy pastoral curriculum. Students are given the opportunity to attend programmes aimed at encouraging them to be responsible for maintaining self-awareness and emotional resilience including afternoon clubs, trips and positions of responsibility that will become available during their educational journey through the Academy.

By working together we will be able to provide an outstanding educational experience for all of our students. This collaboration will support each of them in their ambition to succeed in each stage of their education and the career that they choose to pursue.

I look forward to meeting with you and welcoming you to the Academy and trust the experience will be mutually rewarding and enjoyable.

Kind regards,

Huw RostronPrincipal - Oxford Academy