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Foundation After-School Supervision - Years 1 to 10

- "Foundation, Primary and Secondary Departments each offer a Late Room Service till 15:15 daily. Students collected later than 15:15 will be supervised in the Front Office".

- "Foundation Nursery operates from 1:15pm until 2:15pm'. There is a 25 KD monthly charge for any child who is the only child at Oxford Academy.

We are pleased to announce that starting at the beginning of next term, Monday 7th January 2013,we will be providing the following services at Oxford Academy:

  • Foundation Nursery: KG & REC start 13.00 finish 14.

Classes will continue to run until 12.30 pm for the Foundation years with any children who are not collected at 12.30 pm supervised in classrooms until 13.00 free of charge.

From 13.00 to 14.30 each day, any students who remain uncollected will be supervised in a Nursery by Oxford staff. We ask that you ensure all children are collected by 14.30 if you wish to use this facility. The charge for the Nursery will be 25 KD per student, per calendar month payable in advance. Any child who has not been collected by 13.00 will automatically be supervised in the Nursery. If you do not wish to make use of the Nursery we strongly urge you to make arrangements to have your child picked up promptly at 12.30.

  • Years 1 to 10. Homework Rooms start 14.00 finish 15.30.

As you know lessons for Lower and Upper school children finish at 13.30 and all students should be collected at that time. Starting on Monday 7th January 2013 all students who remain in school after 14.00 will be supervised in a Homework Room until 15.30. We ask that you ensure your child/ren are collected by the latest 15.30.The charge for the use of the Homework Room will be 25 KD per student, per calendar month, payable in advance. Again any children who remain in school after 14.00 will automatically be required to attend the relevant Homework Room, so if you do not wish to pay for this service you must ensure your child is collected at the end of lessons at 13.30. Children will continue to be supervised on the yard between 13.30 and 14.00 free of charge.

Should you choose to have your child/ren use the Nursery or Homework Room please complete the attached Booking Form which you should return to the Accounts Office with the correct payment before the start of Term 2.

We trust you will find this service of benefit in managing the collection of your children from school.

Learning Support Services

Learning Support Services Info (PDF)

Sporting Activities – New Afterschool Sporting Clubs

At Oxford we understand the need for students to keep fit while enjoying the benefits of sporting activity. The school boasts 3 hard surface play areas and is able to offer a full timetable of PE lessons up to Year 11. An Annual Sports Day using soft surface playing fields off-site.

Modern Learning Centre

In October 2012 the school proudly opened a new, modern and bright integrated Learning Centre for use by Foundation, Primary and Secondary students. The new Learning Centre is equipped with modern computers and a high resolution projector. This multi-functional space will also serve as a meeting place for Parents and Staff and provide a flexible learning area for students. We plan to open a new careers section and have a designated library area for IGCSE in the next few months.